I also found https://twitter.com/Greg_Callus/status/1241507154030473216 interesting, so here is a screenshot of screenshots of a thread. Because.

read Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino

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I got this working here https://me.hawx.me/entry/5f00a0fc-52f3-4c5d-bc60-98ae5fba7317. It is pretty basic, I just collect any u-syndication links on the thing I'm liking/replying to and check if they match a tweet/flickr regex, like https://indieweb.org/u-syndication#How_to_use says. Also I've spotted on your blog that your syndication links probably shouldn't be marked up with u-syndication as they don't point to the tweet that was created by brid.gy.

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Joshua Hawxwell :

These should link to different things on my blog, but the same thing on Twitter: Joshua Hawxwell @hawx
Hopefully the reply to this on my blog will look like a reply to my blog, but on Twitter the reply will reply to the tweet
These should link to different things on my blog, but the same thing on Twitter: Joshua Hawxwell @hawx

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Also found out that agile was discovered in the middle neolithic period, and not 2001 as previously thought
Sad that I missed https://2020.indieweb.org/london, but wasn't going to waste the hotel I'd booked. To make up for it I have managed to get posting photos to Twitter, as this hopefully proves...

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Kev 🤷‍♂️ :

Why does no one support `text/yaml` Accept headers in their API?
I just broke something by typing a number in a YAML file without quoting it: it expected the field to be a string. I absolutely hate having one item with a quoted name, but the others not, so go for consistency. At that point you may as well use JSON.

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The FFVII Remake demo is GOTY. Weird that Barret sounds like Kirk Lazarus, otherwise it looks incredible. Playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey I forgot what a good rendered cut scene can look like.

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Blog update: - WebSub ✔️ - Flickr ✔️, but only likes (https://me.hawx.me/entry/ba11f3aa-4c9b-4544-93d7-2fc74220cbda), and replies at the moment

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More test posts for https://websub.rocks
Another test for https://websub.rocks
This is a test for https://websub.rocks
Vice was good, but I think the "knowing" angle came off annoying where it kind of worked in Big Short. The fake credits were totally crossing the line.

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