How many app updates does it take to turn off a lightbulb, or something
How is this ordered? Who chose this order? Why, just why?
Seeing people start to swerve to skip the red light and then being blocked by this is truly a great thing. I used to hate this junction.
I'd really appreciate when having to print out tickets for things if it just had like the qr code and basic info, not on a full colour graphic covering the whole page that I have to manually mask

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Josh :… has anyone put together a site that allows you to make an NFT from a GitHub repo yet?
On the one hand it could solve the "how do I get paid to do open source" problem; on the other, there are only so many chumps who'll pay to sign some JSON with their key... has anyone put together a site that allows you to make an NFT from a GitHub repo yet? is an interesting read, but I wish people would ask if we need such an ecosystem just to build Yet-Another-CRUD-App
Can companies stop trying to solve autonomous driving and start trying to solve the silent fridge/freezer

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James Bridle :

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the New Aesthetic, a project inaugurated on May 6th 2011, and performed online, offline, and in my head and heart and the heads and hearts of many others ever since:
"Given the old pond / When a frog leaps in / Then the sound of the water", do haiku work as GWTs?

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firagabeatsrock :

Will I ever enjoy working with React? #thoughtoftheday
Future generations will realise that SPA frameworks peaked with AngularJS 1.6 + TypeScript

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Josh :

@Codesleuth I ain't hosting your stuff, get your own $5 droplet
Post your quality tweet content to your own blog, like everyone else

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Dave デイブ ✌🏻 :

@firagabeatsrock Outsource. @hawx?
I ain't hosting your stuff, get your own $5 droplet

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'You see it every time. They’ll tweet stuff like, “Ok, this wins,” “everyone go home, this beats all the rest,” “ok, this won the internet.” Nothing wins the internet! It’s a forever-game where we all perpetually lose.'
Reminds me of the days when all of the Black Flag sea shanties would be queued up on the work Sonos

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BBC Press Office :

New six-film series from Adam Curtis Can't Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World premieres on @BBCiPlayer in February…
My house literally has the road name on it, yet this week I've had mail and a parcel for 2 completely different roads. One I guess because it also started with a 'w', the other I guess because it is also a 'terrace'. If only they read the whole thing.
I miss the days when interviews on the news weren't just endless hypothetical trolley problems