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James Bridle :

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the New Aesthetic, a project inaugurated on May 6th 2011, and performed online, offline, and in my head and heart and the heads and hearts of many others ever since:
"Given the old pond / When a frog leaps in / Then the sound of the water", do haiku work as GWTs?

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firagabeatsrock :

Will I ever enjoy working with React? #thoughtoftheday
Future generations will realise that SPA frameworks peaked with AngularJS 1.6 + TypeScript

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Josh :

@Codesleuth I ain't hosting your stuff, get your own $5 droplet
Post your quality tweet content to your own blog, like everyone else

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Dave デイブ ✌🏻 :

@firagabeatsrock Outsource. @hawx?
I ain't hosting your stuff, get your own $5 droplet

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'You see it every time. They’ll tweet stuff like, “Ok, this wins,” “everyone go home, this beats all the rest,” “ok, this won the internet.” Nothing wins the internet! It’s a forever-game where we all perpetually lose.'
Reminds me of the days when all of the Black Flag sea shanties would be queued up on the work Sonos

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BBC Press Office :

New six-film series from Adam Curtis Can't Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World premieres on @BBCiPlayer in February…
My house literally has the road name on it, yet this week I've had mail and a parcel for 2 completely different roads. One I guess because it also started with a 'w', the other I guess because it is also a 'terrace'. If only they read the whole thing.
I miss the days when interviews on the news weren't just endless hypothetical trolley problems
sorry, what kind of a font size are the subtitles on Just Cause 4

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This is great. I was in the process of updating by comparing the specs side-by-side, this will make it so much easier.

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Can we have a rule where people can only buy fireworks if their back garden is like a third of an acre
The Wall Market section of FF7R is the most perfect thing I've ever seen
As someone who enjoys looking at old maps, this history of Broadmarsh is top notch
I do love getting the item delivered email from Amazon when it hasn't arrived. Just don't send the email, I'll know when I've got the delivery

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My new feed reader

I enjoy using Fraidycat to read some feeds, in addition to my "river of news". It is a really nice format. But I did really want to use it from multiple devices without importing/exporting every time.

So I have made something that replicates it, kind of, in a hosted app based on a lot of the feed reading code I already had written for riviera. I've called the new thing arboretum, and have a (private) instance running along nicely.

screenshot of arboretum

I don't know if I'll keep it private forever, but at least for now it gives it a different feel to my public feed reader.