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Also found out that agile was discovered in the middle neolithic period, and not 2001 as previously thought
Sad that I missed, but wasn't going to waste the hotel I'd booked. To make up for it I have managed to get posting photos to Twitter, as this hopefully proves...

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Kev 🤷‍♂️ :

Why does no one support `text/yaml` Accept headers in their API?
I just broke something by typing a number in a YAML file without quoting it: it expected the field to be a string. I absolutely hate having one item with a quoted name, but the others not, so go for consistency. At that point you may as well use JSON.

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The FFVII Remake demo is GOTY. Weird that Barret sounds like Kirk Lazarus, otherwise it looks incredible. Playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey I forgot what a good rendered cut scene can look like.

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Blog update: - WebSub ✔️ - Flickr ✔️, but only likes (, and replies at the moment

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Vice was good, but I think the "knowing" angle came off annoying where it kind of worked in Big Short. The fake credits were totally crossing the line.

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/shrug I couldn't even sign-in, I'd type my URL in but the button wouldn't do anything. To be fair it is hard to tell with Material Design buttons if something has happened when you press them. HTTP Shortcuts works fine, it just took a bit of setting up.
Now that replies work (, I'm wondering if I should check if the thing I'm replying to has been syndicated so I can reply to the syndicated version when syndicating instead of the thing I'm replying to?

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Can I reply to myself?