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I've finally got around to updating to use the prefixed api key format for tokens, which means I have removed all previous data. On the plus side the database no longer contains usable raw data
I'd really appreciate when having to print out tickets for things if it just had like the qr code and basic info, not on a full colour graphic covering the whole page that I have to manually mask has anyone put together a site that allows you to make an NFT from a GitHub repo yet? is an interesting read, but I wish people would ask if we need such an ecosystem just to build Yet-Another-CRUD-App
Can companies stop trying to solve autonomous driving and start trying to solve the silent fridge/freezer
"Given the old pond / When a frog leaps in / Then the sound of the water", do haiku work as GWTs?
Reminds me of the days when all of the Black Flag sea shanties would be queued up on the work Sonos
My house literally has the road name on it, yet this week I've had mail and a parcel for 2 completely different roads. One I guess because it also started with a 'w', the other I guess because it is also a 'terrace'. If only they read the whole thing.
I miss the days when interviews on the news weren't just endless hypothetical trolley problems
sorry, what kind of a font size are the subtitles on Just Cause 4
Can we have a rule where people can only buy fireworks if their back garden is like a third of an acre
The Wall Market section of FF7R is the most perfect thing I've ever seen
As someone who enjoys looking at old maps, this history of Broadmarsh is top notch
I do love getting the item delivered email from Amazon when it hasn't arrived. Just don't send the email, I'll know when I've got the delivery
I love that bandcamp puts through multiple purchases as separate transactions, a nice game to see how many go through before the declines roll in
Finally got round to cancelling my @netflix because I watch roughly 0 hours a week, and pumping that into @ntslive because I listen basically every working hour that isn't a meeting
I opened up the code for relme-auth as I noticed Twitter wasn't showing as an option, looks like they've removed rel=me from the homepage links in the last few weeks which is pretty annoying...
Calling Seinfeld a show about nothing seems a bit of a stretch now that we're in a lockdown.
Government: "stay at home" / TV News: "now to join our reporters around the country"
These should link to different things on my blog, but the same thing on Twitter: Joshua Hawxwell @hawx
The FFVII Remake demo is GOTY. Weird that Barret sounds like Kirk Lazarus, otherwise it looks incredible. Playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey I forgot what a good rendered cut scene can look like.
Blog update: - WebSub ✔️ - Flickr ✔️, but only likes (, and replies at the moment
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